Can Beverly Joubert’s fine art photograph save a species? Watch Wednesday 28 October 2021


Often, guests ask about the fine art in our camps. Where do they come from, what does a piece mean, and often, how to invest in owning one? One guest wanted the exact image they had seen whilst at Zarafa, and when we said we could send a print, she said, “No, I want that exact one!” So off it went into her luggage (well, wrapped and secured, of course).

As we open up new camps, with fresh art, we decided to create a catalogue so our guests and followers can see these images and how we use them in different Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe camps.

This comes at a time too when Beverly has just signed with a new Californian based gallery in La Jolla – The Artemis Fine Art Gallery. Beverly has also just opened a collection of her fine art images for sale via the International League of Conservation Photographers and has a moving exhibit at COP 26.

We are also happy to announce that 50% of all profits from Beverly’s Art for Conservation photography sales during November 2021 will be donated to Project Ranger.

So a lot going on!

We had thought that Project Ranger would be a ‘pandemic contained’ project for us. The problem is far greater than this cycle, as devastating as that is. Rangers are still on furlough, poaching increasing significantly in the Southern African region. While our $1million has been distributed and being used well to date, it is time for us to adjust our timelines and dig deeper to help rangers and frontline conservationists. Beverly’s Art for Conservation effort is different from last year’s action because it is on ALL of Beverly’s fine artwork, not just a limited selection.

Art and conservation, rangers and wildlife are inextricably linked, and this offer this week binds these efforts so well.

By way of extension, as part of our Rhinos Without Borders initiative, our Name a Baby Rhino program continues, and we will be donating an amazing image of Beverly’s, Red Alert, to anyone wanting to support this program.

The efforts we make collectively today safeguard the future, and we want to thank you for your incredible support of our work so far.

All the best,

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