Long Live the Rhino! Watch Wednesday 21 September 2022

Long Live the Rhino!

We have a policy in Great Plains to never talk of ‘the big five.’ Watching the news out of the UK right now, I am considering calling the collection of Lions, Leopards, Buffalo, Elephants and Rhinos – ‘the Royal Five.’

With World Rhino Day, upon us, this week is worth singling out one of those Royal Five. This would be the most prehistoric looking, sage characters as they walk so innocently through this terrible era of poaching with nobility and grace.

I can say so much about this, but today I want to celebrate rhinos and everything about them. We watched a recently born baby expressing his joy at life, chasing butterflies and bugs, racing around his mother, in a sphere of her protection. But can she protect him? Perhaps that duty falls entirely to us now, their loyal subjects.

Please follow Great Plains Foundation and our rhino protection program including our female rangers hiring process which is underway right now. This is a continuing effort to safeguard rhinos, and to provide jobs for women in conservation at the same time.

Long Live the Rhino!
Dereck Joubert

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