Project Ranger supports Zimbabwe Conservation Heroes – 1 September 2022

Project Ranger – Conservation Heroes

There are so many conservation heroes we come across in our Great Plains circle that I want to periodically point them out and thank them as an ongoing series in these weekly missives.

When we started Project Ranger, we knew an urgent response was needed as the world locked down. The more we delved into it, the more we realised that game rangers are universally underfunded and could certainly do with some appreciation and help. They place their lives on the line daily for the wildlife we all enjoy, thrive on, and benefit from.

This month we were with Bryce and Pete Clemence of ATS in the Sango area of Savé Valley Conservancy and had the opportunity to go out with them, track rhinos together and meet the K9 teams. We were hugely impressed. These are conservation heroes, and the arrest of poachers they made, while we were there, was just the tip of the iceberg of their effectiveness.

Project Ranger is being as supportive as possible, but ATS needs more help. This video of their operation says it all.

I am reminded that without these ‘boots on the ground’, travel and any tourism in the magical African landscapes will simply not exist.

Dereck Jourbet

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