The 100th Watch Wednesday! 26 October 2022

Safari Sightings

Today is the 100th Watch Wednesday we have sent out – a weekly dispatch from Africa meant to keep us all connected, keep the dream of Africa alive, and make sure you know what we are up to.

This week, we want to offer up something different, something more of an insight from our guides and guests.

We are often asked what one can expect to see at our Great Plains African safari camps. Each day’s and camp’s sightings are different, of course, but the video today is an example. The real answer is, like our Watch Wednesdays with a hundred things to say, there are at least a hundred things to see!”

As we look at our internal social media and WhatsApp groups, the daily wildlife sightings our guides share are the best indicator of what we are seeing. They are unedited, raw, authentic, and just as it is – the stuff our guides and guests get really excited about.

Sometimes it is a look from a leopard in a tree as the light catches her eyes; at other times, as a coalition of male lion swimming across a river and running into a hippo! Action, appreciation, soft, hard, wet, dry… all the facets of what we love most about Africa.

So, from time to time, we may share these ‘authentic moments’ with you to remind you or to whet your appetite; these are random Great Plains moments from across our portfolio in the last few months.

The images and videos we share are indicative of what each guest has the potential to see when on safari with Great Plains. Much of the material is from mobile phones or amateur cameras. Some from the Canon 5D cameras we supply to you for free to use at our Réserve-Collection safari camps, but none are taken by any professional photographer.

Africa untamed. Africa unplugged. Africa un-matched.

We hope you enjoy our 100th Watch Wednesday, and the monthly wildlife safari sightings we have captured for you from our Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe camps.

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