The Art of Cuisine, and Hospitality – 6 October 2021

The Art of Cuisine, and Hospitality

It may well have been the International Day of Non Violence this week, but I draw the line at celebrating some things that should be fundamental human rights in these Watch Wednesday missives.

We don’t accept violence to each other, to the wildlife around us and the planet. It’s why I abhor the killing of animals and so many other actions that destroy life in this stunning Africa. But sometimes, the best protest is to be the antithesis to something. Here that is in the appreciation, joy, and pleasure of where the heart and mind, fitness and health come together in a healthy body and a healthy environment.

The one thing we all need to fuel us, serve our souls, stimulate that joy and satisfy the creative tastes for life we all share is food.

So, this week, the non-protest to non-violence, a kind of ‘anti-pasta’ of that soul, are two new Great Plains initiatives: the first is a ramping up of our fine dining approach to cuisine.

Last week, I reached out to some of our chefs for their favourite recipes, and admittedly because 11 camps (and suites with private chefs) are mostly all Relais & Châteaux associated, the favourites I got back were a little…showy! The second round honed in on some recipes that you might be able to try at home. At the latest headcount we now have about 50 chefs, each one aspiring to the top chef position but also to impress you with their skills.

Mara Nyika’s Chef Dixon offers his Peanut Butter and Jam Pudding as his favourite creation, born from his kitchen with passion.

Discover chef Dixon’s Peanut Butter and Jam Brown Pudding Recipe

Francois Erasmus and his team at Duba Explorers Camp love getting creative in the kitchen, especially making elements from scratch, such as ice cream and pastas.

Discover chef Francois’ Black Ravioli, Pumpkin & Goats Cheese with Chorizo Salsa Recipe

Chef Zamani at the recently opened Tembo Plains in Zimbabwe is preparing the following delicious desserts in anticipation of your arrival.

Discover chef Zamani’s Lemon Curd in an Isomalt Cup Recipe

Signature dishes from other camps include:

Wijan is the executive chef at Zarafa. He loves to create his signature twice-baked organic Goat’s cheese and freshly stripped Thyme Soufflé, immersed in a chilled, open flame roasted red pepper and vine tomato soup. Garnished with crispy fresh black mustard leave shoots, cracked black pepper, and Extra virgin Olive oil drizzle.

Raymond, the executive chef at Duba Plains, wows guests with his pan-fried local bream piccata with a carrot & ginger puree, rice noodle vegetable stir fry, sundried tomato pesto accompanied with a laksa sauce.

More recipes will be shared soon in our new food & beverage magazine coming soon. So keep your eyes open for more tasty recipes.
All of the above masterpieces are available for anyone who wants the full recipe from us.

In addition, we are launching our second new directive – The Great Plains Wine Initiative. This is a wine pairing initiative, where each Great Plains Réserve Collection camp will have a “featured wine” from a well-known winemaker and estate. The experience includes special training for our wine stewards and tasting notes for guest’s to peruse. Some labels will also be expressly set aside for us from various estates! Next month you will be able to download our camp’s ‘featured wine lists’. This initiative will also allow guests to order a case of their newly discovered wine to be delivered directly to their homes after their safari!

We will also be uploading ideas for home styled Great Plains meals on our website periodically. They will come from each of our chef’s, Relais & Châteaux or not, Réserve Collection camp or not, because each has a meal to die for, to fight over in your home but we urge you to be careful, we do want to maintain our non-violent approach to eating.

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