Watch Wednesday – Jambo from Kenya – 16 March 2022

Jambo from Kenya!

As I write this, we are flying over the famous green hills of Hemingway’s writing, and I find it difficult to concentrate as those East African plains roll by beneath me. As much as I don’t share his lust for blood, I appreciate the style of his work and the slightly grubby ‘romance’ it lent to East Africa.

Our journey through airports with the required travel protocols to Kenya was seamless, even easy, polite and helpful.

What is simply marvellous is the sheer diversity of wildlife and sightings we have experienced since arriving in Kenya, so I’ll be writing from the field over the next few weeks.

Each day our guides share images and videos of sightings they experience at our camps; some of these get featured on our social media channels like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. We encourage you to subscribe and follow these channels to share in these sightings.

Every day Africa reveals a new story or adventure. It is truly a year-round destination, especially if the sighting of young cheetah and lion cubs are anything to go by on what we are seeing at the moment.

Africa is a natural, edgy place even as it softly glides below the plane’s wing and steals our hearts. That is part of what is so magical about any safari.

Enjoy this week’s video, with love, from Kenya.

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