Last week we opened the doors, and tent flaps, of Tembo Plains, our latest Great Plains Zimbabwe offering. The question is why now, and why Zimbabwe?

Sapi Private Reserve is a concession along the Zambezi River, east of Mana Pools, and a 280,000-acre block on a map. But places on the map without wildlife are just spaces, in my opinion. They tend to be dark holes in the fabric of Nature.

A few years ago, when we were able to take over this heavily hunted and abused land, it was just that, astounding only in its stillness. It was an eerie silence.

After four years of dedicated rehabilitation, protection, and gentle care, wildlife has returned, filtered in from the surrounding areas resulting in this area becoming exciting again. We have even more amazing plans to reintroduce black rhinos, more elephants, and a range of other wildlife species – all of which form part of a massive repopulation program

Today though, I wanted to share some of the images of Tembo Plains camp and feedback from some of our first guests!

“We were pampered beyond expectation.” Well, all our guests are pampered beyond expectation.

“Food and service was off the charts.” Yes, that is what we expect from well-trained staff and managers across our portfolio, including this new, Relais & Châteaux accredited camp.

But then I started reading, “There is a specialness to sitting on the banks of the Zambezi, alone, at peace, knowing that we are a part of rebuilding nature.” And that is precisely what our efforts at Tembo Plains focus on – renewing, rebuilding, re-establishing, revitalising Nature.

There is a major global thrust to protect 30% of the planet by 2030, something that we at Great Plains are partnering on and subscribe to wholeheartedly. Our efforts here at Tembo Plains in the Sapi Private Reserve plays an essential role in that. Any land we can claim back and build wildlife and biodiversity back into is not just a local gain but a massive advance at a time when the outlook can look bleak.


We have much to do. But your support of this camp and this reserve is important to making it all work, not only commercially but on a level so much higher than that, as one of our guests identified last week.

Travel can be so many things, but it needs to be regenerating the soul and enhancing causes beyond the few days spent on safari and those moments sitting on the banks of the Zambezi. We travel because we can, because we want to enrich our experience and knowledge, but we travel to feel good about making the world better for our involvement.

Tembo Plains is ready to swing its giant doors open and give you a warm Zimbabwean welcome now that it is open.

Come and celebrate our new camp with us.