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About Africareps

We represent a highly prestigious selection of iconic African products, covering boutique hotels, game reserves, safari lodges, camps, and accommodation establishments. Our role is to market and promote these to the Australian and New Zealand travel industry.

We are not a wholesaler or a travel agent and do not run a booking office. Africareps is a marketing office providing information, back-up service, images & copy for publications, mailshots and EDM’s as well as training. We are not in competition with our clients and work in a support role for the travel industry. We respect all existing channels.

Our African partners’ products which fall under the Africareps umbrella are listed on this site. Each has a short description, a small selection of images, some videos, and a link to their respective websites.

This website is designed to allow you easy access to our partners’ companies which cumulatively span 9 African countries namely Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


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Game Reserves, Lodges, Resorts & Hotels

We offer a range of services including Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Creative Concepts & Designs. Africareps represent the most prestigious selection of African products and our role is to market and promote these to the Australian and New Zealand travel industry.

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A Gentle Way This morning, near Mara Expedition Camp, a large female elephant gently lifted her back leg to nudge the tiny bundle at her feet. It was a perfectly calculated movement, not too abrupt to jolt the baby from its

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World Lion Day It is personal, I know. Beverly and I were involved in the design of World Lion Day. It also falls on famous wildlife artist and lion lover Keith Joubert’s birthday, someone who introduced me early on in

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Photograph taken Mara Plains Camp, Kenya Courtesy – Great Plains Conservation

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