This Watch Wednesday, enjoy issue 3 of our Insider magazine 6 July 2022

The People of Great Plains

Whilst we are a conservation company, Great Plains, is also a high-touch hospitality company.

From time to time, we like to profile the people who deliver that hospitality to you, the names and faces in front of you when you visit us, and behind the scenes making sure things go right. Now, with over 750 people on staff, we can’t introduce you all at once, but we can start.

It is essential to see faces and hear the stories of real people who will be responsible for your safety and your friends and family on safari. These are those “safe pairs of hands” that make sure the experience runs like clockwork.

As I page through our third edition of the Great Plains Insider Magazine, it is the smiles that I linger on and remember that we were able to keep each one hired through the pandemic, ensuring the care for their extended families.

That, in so many ways, is what tourism in Africa provides. Travel is about so much more than seeing lions and our stunning big tusk elephants, waiting for a leopard, or listing the haunting hoots of painted dogs. It is about what you leave behind. Those smiles tell you that it is appreciated.

So, thank you
Dereck Joubert

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