This Watch Wednesday, we celebrate Peter’s promotion! 29 June 2022

Peter Mambo

When I looked at a young man sitting behind a wooden desk he had made himself, there was something about his warm smile that made me think our assistant storeman should come out from behind that desk and into the front of the camp. 

That was ten years ago.

Peter Mambo moved up the ranks and slotted into the assistant manager role at Mara Plains, our flagship camp in Kenya’s Maasai Mara, a couple of years ago. His warmth continued to charm guests in his same unassuming way.

Last month Mambo accepted a promotion to camp manager and today runs Mara Toto, our newly built and opened camp on the banks of the river in one of my favourite spots in Africa.

We have heart-warming examples of great people taking on decision-making and leadership roles in Great Plains in each region. It is a celebration and an indication to everyone at Great Plains that anything is possible in a workplace that encourages growth from within first.

Both David Stogdale, our East African Managing Director, and Daphne Kadiwa, Managing Director in Botswana, are constantly on the lookout for talent to bring up through our ranks.

Today I want to appreciate Mambo and celebrate his promotion. I know you will enjoy his company when you visit his camp.

Enjoy a walk-through of Peter Mambo’s camp, Mara Toto, the first of a series of short pieces, one on each of our camps, aimed to introduce you to what it is like, on the ground, on arrival as you enter our world on safari.

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